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Who can benefit from Chiropractic?

Patients of all ages including the smallest baby, the frail senior citizen, and the burly sports man can benefit from Chiropractic

Surgery Information

Whitchurch, Hampshire  



Breast Baseline Scans (2 sets of studies, 3 months apart, inclusive) £195

We do accept 3 monthly payments of £65 for baselines

Breast Annual Follow Up Scan £120

(A standing order for £10 a month can be set up on request)

Full Body Scan £450 half body £295     - The full body scans include the 1st breast baseline for women.

Single Region of Interest £120 


Thermography clients can save money off their annual scans by referring friends. Each referral saves the referrer £10 off their annual scans. We do not give cash as an alternative! For example if you refer 12 friends over the year, you have saved yourself £120 effectively you get your annual scan for free!

Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation and treatment £72

The initial consultation consists of a thorough review of your presenting complaint & previous episodes and medical history regarding related health matters. We carry out a basic cardiovascular, pulmonary and abdominal examination, followed by orthopaedic and neurological examination relevant to the presenting complaint. It can be likened to a mini 'MOT' for the body. 

Follow Up session £48

Your first follow-up consultation will include a review of developments since your first treatment as well as repeating the most important clinical tests that were found to be “positive” at the initial consultation. Advice regarding work and leisure activities will be reviewed as will further expectations. Exercises will be introduced when appropriate, or referrals to other therapists discussed. Any questions will be answered.

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